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JFAM Plumbing & Maintenance

Burst Pipes

A burst pipe is a plumbing emergency where a pipe breaks causing leakage and flooding, potentially damaging the building. It can happen anywhere and it is important to turn off the water and call a plumber to fix it as soon as possible to prevent damage.

JFAM Plumbing & Maintenance

Blocked Drain

Blocked drains can be caused by factors such as hair, grease, soap, dirt, food waste, mineral buildup, small objects, toilet paper buildup, and tree roots. Hair and soap are common causes. Tree roots can also cause blockages by invading and damaging pipes.

JFAM Plumbing & Maintenance

Geyser Installations

Geyser installation is the process of setting up a hot water heater, including connecting it to the water supply and drainage systems and installing necessary components such as a thermostat, heating element, pressure relief valve, and temperature and pressure valve. Proper installation is important for safety and efficiency.

JFAM Plumbing & Maintenance


Electrical maintenance is the process of inspecting, testing, and maintaining electrical systems to ensure safety and efficiency, including tasks such as identifying and correcting issues and performing regular cleaning and lubrication.


An inverter converts DC to AC power, used to power during power outages, charge batteries, run equipment in remote locations and provide backup power.

JFAM Plumbing & Maintenance

General Plumbing

General plumbing refers to the installation, maintenance, and repair of the plumbing systems and fixtures in a building, including the supply of water and waste removal, installation of fixtures such as toilets, sinks, and showers, and appliances like water heaters and boilers.